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| July 14, 2014 | Reply

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As IT becomes more of a personal choice than corporate, the influx of IT usage has become commonplace even at the workplace. Today, technical devices are not just equipments exclusive for big wigs in corporate offices. Everyone now has that freedom to carry their own device thus the Bring Your Own Device movement. This uptake has seen many policies that benefit both the business and employees fairly, especially that digitized alternatives make it for more cost-effective solutions that can face any recession head on.

Everything’s On the Cloud

Examples of manual systems being phased out is that very familiar one that every employee meets first thing in the morning and last when they sign out for the day – the daily time report card. You punch this one from the company clock and you’re good to go for that day. Sadly, as efficient it was long ago, these have now been replaced by scanners and biometrics technology. One that integrates into the cloud.

Cloud-based alternatives such as an ERP or CRM software have taken over most corporate systems years back and it annually receives upgrades to improve itself. According to, this has allowed HR and finance managers to lessen the time sourcing for valuable information such as a worker’s periodic hours. Computations can be done in an instant so they can focus more on their more non-trivial tasks such as handling company events and training.

For supervisors, having seamless access to company records such as individual time assessments can give them a better picture of how well these numbers can greatly contrast with their output and performance making up a more efficient way at initial evaluations.

Cloud solutions lets different key people access files anywhere they are as long as there is online connection and the time spared can be used for more crucial tasks.

More Savings in the Long Run

So while we’re at it, an efficient team spells a profitable team. You save more as a business owner when your team does more with lesser mistakes.

Most white collar workers now expect limitless connection to pertinent office data such as work email and team collaborative apps so they can wisely spend more time working away from the keyboard without hassling their personal and social lives. Cloud solutions bring about the flexibility other office without cloud cannot afford.

With this trend not going anywhere but up, expect more software provider big names such as Cisco, IBM and Sun Microsystems to implement changes to how their products are to be used. Don’t be surprised that for years to come, everything will be soon on the cloud.

Business apps that lets workers report anytime, anywhere save time on paper works and even travel requirements. Moving while working is such a convenience that creating big decisions for your team can be done in a minute or so even if you’re out there surfing in the Bahamas or playing with your kids at home.